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Vector Airport Systems and Virtower Announce Global Strategic Partnership

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Ground-breaking Partnership Extends Airport Operations Tracking and Billing to Airports Worldwide

February 17, 2023 - Vector Airport Systems and Virtower are pleased to announce a strategic partnership combining Vector’s industry-leading airport operations billing service, PLANEPASS™, with Virtower’s real-time airport operational data collection and display platform.

“For many years, Virtower customers have asked us about options for billing of landing fees and parking. This strategic partnership will benefit those that have long awaited such a feature.” said Les Goldsmith, Virtower’s President.

Vector’s PLANEPASS service is the gold standard in outsourced airport operations billing and collections while Virtower’s system has rapidly gained wide adoption across the United States as airports’ first choice for a real-time operational data display.

Through this partnership, Virtower airports can now choose to feed operations data from Virtower directly into the Vector PLANEPASS service to generate more airport revenue without any additional effort needed from FBO or airport staff. In turn, existing and future Vector PLANEPASS client airports will have the option to use the Virtower platform with its granular data for movement in the air and on the ground, providing greater justification for airport improvement projects along with live situational awareness.

“Since COVID-19, airports have been struggling to maintain staffing.” said Pete Coleton, Vector’s CEO. “The Vector-Virtower partnership combines the two most widely adopted products of their kind into a revolutionary offering that generates revenue while giving staff hours back to airports.”

To find out more, contact:

Vector Airport Systems Virtower

Thomas Breen - Vice President Les Goldsmith - President C: 781-983-1741 C: 702-465-6257 Tel: 703-817-7777 x 8 Tel: 888-317-0747 Email: Email:

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Victor Davidson
Sep 17, 2023

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