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Aircraft Identification - Vantage

Automated Aircraft Identification & Tracking System

Better Aircraft Identification with VANTAGE
  • Captures 99% of Aircraft IDs
  • Camera Data Fused with Radar Flight Tracks
  • Day/Night & All Weather
  • All Aircraft Types
  • All Airport Sizes
  • Proven Effective over 13 years at 45+ airports
  • Results: VANTAGE IDs 50%-100% more aircraft than radar alone


Vector VANTAGE allows airports to automatically identify all aircraft, allowing staff to better understand, manage, and report aircraft operations. Knowing who, what, where, and when from Vector's fused identification data sources gives airport staff the best available information to make informed decisions, leading to reduced costs, increased revenue, and enhanced security.


Vector VANTAGE Detects and IDs more aircraft than any other system available by using more technologies than any other system:

  1. Flight Tracking Radar

  2. Ground-based Camera Detection/Identification

  3. Flight Plan Tracking Data

Vectir's on-field, aircraft identification camera pod and associated tail number from images.

All aircraft activity data from these three sources is fused together to form the most complete picture available of aircraft ops at your airport.


VANTAGE often IDs 50%-100% more data than other systems.

Customer Airport Portal for viewing operations data and aircraft operator information.

Airport staff can view VANTAGE-generated Ops data via Vector's intuitive Airport Portal where data can be easily queried, sorted, and exported (i.e., excel) at the click of a button.

VANTAGE Airport Portal data includes date/time of operation, operation type, tail number, flight number, runway used, aircraft operator information, and more.

van·tage \ˈvan-tij\  noun   a position giving a strategic advantage, commanding perspective, or comprehensive view


Vector has enabled my staff and me to identify aircraft operating at SUA in ways not possible with other systems. Their integrated aircraft ID technology, and easy-to-use internet-based software, has allowed us to better understand aircraft operations on the airport and over the surrounding communities.

George M. Stokus, A.A.E.

Airport Manager

Martin County Airport/Witham Field (SUA)

Vector Products: VANTAGE, VNOMS

Download the VANTAGE brochure
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