The Vector team recognizes the dedication and hard work it takes to run and maintain an airport. That's why our team works diligently every day to bring you imaginative, intuitive, high-value solutions to aid in achieving your mission.

Our First Client: Vector was founded in 2005 to provide airports a better way to manage aircraft landing fees. This solution, PLANEPASS, was first implemented at Massport's Hanscom Field and has undergone continuous improvement while also being implemented at 16 additional airports around the United States.

To date Vector has installed our VANTAGE aircraft ID and Tracking systems at 45+ airports worldwide. Airports range from busy international commercial airports to local GA airports.

Founder and President

Pete says "My favorite quote is "The three grand essentials of life are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for." I'm lucky to have all these in my life, many contributed by Vector. The work we do for our clients is really worthwhile, I love the truly talented and dedicated team I work with at Vector, and lastly, I hope never to have to install another Vector system in Arizona during summer."

Pete has a BBA from the College of William and Mary and more than 30 years experience in the fields of corporate finance/accounting, software development, and aerospace. Pete has participated in Vector system installations at more than 40 airports around the world in some really harsh conditions but has come away from those trips with the greatest sense of satisfaction and some of the most lasting memories of his life.

Fun Pete-fact: 

Pete and his wife, Krista,  were on the HGTV show "Curb Appeal" in 2005 at the same time he was starting Vector. (Season 17, Episode 12).

Vice President - Sales
Tom Breen is the Vice President of Vector Airport Systems. Tom has always been fascinated by airplanes and wanted to be fighter pilot growing up, but poor eyesight and motion sickness meant that career wasn’t likely.  An interest in how things worked led to a degree in mechanical engineering and his first job out of college was in the aviation/airport field.


Over the past 25+ years Tom has worked at several different firms, small and large, but always in the aviation field - specializing in the tracking and identification of aircraft.  Aviation gets in your blood making it hard to leave the industry and three years ago, Tom jumped at the opportunity to work at Vector Airport Systems in a senior leadership role.  After working at billion dollar companies, where the contributions of any individual are hard to perceive, Tom is enjoying the challenges and benefits of working at small business where everyone’s contributions are appreciated and have a direct impact on the company’s success.

Fun Tom-fact:

Tom races cars - real ones. He also flies planes - tiny ones.

Director - Software Engineering

Joel has always loved to live in new places: moving to Chicago in his late teens, receiving a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in Ohio at the College of Wooster, spending a semester in China and six months in England after graduation.


Once back in the US, Joel relocated to the Washington, DC area and began his career as a software engineer—building great solutions to help airports for several companies and many different technologies.  Throughout the process and a number moves throughout the country and into technical management, building software for airports has remained a constant.


After a decade on the move, Joel finally found a place and company that could be “home” in Vector Airport Systems. Vector’s great team and unique combination of hardware and software products provide rewarding experiences and friendships, making it the perfect environment to put down roots and grow and flourish as an innovative technical leader.

Fun Joel-fact:

Joel's brain is packed with an astounding amount of trivia: every movie, every restaurant, every gadget, literally anything we ever bring up in conversation. He's like a cross between Einstein and Forrest Gump - in a good way.

Business & Operations Manager

Katy manages Vector’s PLANEPASS billing service operation including all of Vector’s customer service and research staff. Katy joined the team in 2009 so she has seen all the changes from our beginnings as a home-based company, to our first real office in Chantilly, to our current permanent loft office space in Herndon, VA.

Katy is a Boston native and graduate of Babson College in Wellesley, MA. It’s true you can take the girl out of Boston but not the Boston out of the girl. Katy always seems to find her way back up in Massachusetts either spending time on the cape or visiting our first client at Hanscom Field.

Fun Katy-fact:

Katy is a fitness fanatic and has run more marathons than most people have fingers AND toes.

Systems Manager

Ken joined the Vector team in 2013 as a billing customer support representative just after graduating from the University of Virginia. Ken proved himself to be capable of tackling anything thrown at him, in particular, showing an aptitude for the logistical challenges of Vector airport on-field technical work. Ken was promoted from within  to a challenging role as Vector's Systems Manager where he is responsible for Vector technical field staff and for keeping hundreds of units of hi-tech data-gathering equipment alive in harsh airport environments. Ken also splits his time at Vector supporting marketing, sales, and business development efforts.

A junkie for fitness and the outdoors, Ken is an avid golfer, soccer player, and recreational surfer. 

Fun Ken-fact:

Ken has an impressive collection of amazing novelty socks. Look for him at the next conference to check them out. You won't be disappointed.



Vector has enabled my staff and me to identify aircraft operating at SUA in ways not possible with other systems. Their integrated aircraft ID technology, and easy-to-use internet-based software, has allowed us to better understand aircraft operations on the airport and over the surrounding communities.

George M. Stokus, A.A.E.

Airport Manager

Martin County Airport/Witham Field (SUA)

Vector Products: VANTAGE, VNOMS


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