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The Vector team recognizes the dedication and hard work it takes to run and maintain an airport. That's why our team works diligently every day to bring you imaginative, intuitive, high-value solutions to aid in achieving your mission.

Our First Client: Vector was founded in 2005 to provide airports a better way to manage aircraft landing fees. This solution, PLANEPASS, was first implemented at Massport's Hanscom Field and has undergone continuous improvement while also being implemented at dozens of airports around the United States.

To date Vector has installed systems at 80+ airports worldwide, ranging from busy international commercial hubs to local GA airports.


Pete Coleton


Founder and President

Pete Coleton is the Founder and President of Vector Airport Systems. Pete drives Vector's overall business strategy and coordinates the efforts of Vector's individual departments and divisions. He has established Vector's company culture and provided the vision that has grown Vector from a startup to a recognized industry leader in airport solutions.

Pete has a business degree from the College of William and Mary and more than 30 years experience in the fields of corporate finance & accounting, software development, and aerospace technology. Pete's multidisciplinary background allows him to have a hand in guiding all of Vector's efforts, from business development and finance to project management, software development, material fabrication, field installation and client services. 

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Will Repole.png
Chief Operating Officer 
William Repole is the Chief Operating Officer of Vector. William previously was the COO and Co-Founder of GovQA, the leading provider of Compliance Management and Workflow Software for governments.

GovQA was acquired by Granicus, LLC in August 2021.  While at GovQA, William was responsible for sales and general operations, growing strategic partnerships and piloting new product opportunities. William has more than 25 years of information technology, sales, product management and project management experience with emphasis in the financial, insurance, and government marketplaces.

William has significant experience building companies. Early in his 
career, while working with Subject, Wills &; Co, a leading provider of technology solutions to middle market companies, William helped pioneer the development of one of the first commercially available document imaging platforms. Prior to GovQA, he expanded Project Management Partners, Inc. into a multi-million dollar business process consultancy that assisted Fortune 1000 companies in workflow and business strategies.

holds a BS from Northwestern University in Industrial Engineering. 
Thomas Breen
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Vice President and        Chief Engineer

Tom directs Vector's domestic and international sales and marketing initiatives, provides technical consulting to Vector's clients on topics of airport operations and noise management, and works closely with Vector's software and product teams on product innovation. 

Tom has more than 30 years of experience in the aerospace field, but his fascination with aviation started with childhood dreams of becoming a fighter pilot. He earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts and has translated that technical approach into achievements in several aviation industry segments, including acoustical engineering, information systems management, project management, product design and operations consulting. He is a member of the ASME and INCE, a regular presenter at conferences, and holds multiple patents for aerospace-related systems.

Though he never became a fighter pilot, Tom's technical approach and breadth of skills have made him a recognized national leader in the aerospace field. 

Joel Kimble
Joel Kimble_high res format_BW_2021 by E O'Donovan.jpg
Director of Software Engineering

Joel manages Vector's software team, providing the leadership and technical vision to develop, implement and maintain Vector's internal and client-facing software platforms. He works closely with Vector's product design and operations teams to maximize the value Vector's solutions provide to clients.


Joel began his career in software engineering after earning a BS in Computer Science from the College of Wooster, a small liberal arts school in Ohio. While he has worked for firms both small and large, building software and solutions for the aviation industry has remained a constant. Vector's unique combination of hardware and software products has provided Joel a rewarding environment in which to grow and flourish as an innovative technical leader.


Joel has particular expertise in developing systems that integrate multiple sources of flight-tracking data into intuitive software interfaces. Vector relies on Joel's expertise and technical skill to develop to provide high-impact, user-friendly products. 

Josiah Vorst
JOSIAH VORST_edited.jpg
Director of Product Management

Josiah leads Vector's Product Management team, collaborating with customers, stakeholders, and Vector's technologists to develop and innovate Vector's product line.


Before joining Vector, Josiah spent 14 years in the financial services industry, holding leadership roles in quality assurance, project management, and product management. In addition to several Agile and IT professional certifications, Josiah holds a BA in Business Information Systems from Ashford University.

Patrick Hanney_high res_BW_2021 by E O'Donovan (1).jpg
Director of Finance and Administration

Patrick directs Vector's Finance and Administration teams. He administers client contracts and manages Vector's accounting, insurance, compliance, benefits and other HR-related functions. His multifaceted role allows him to engage with both Vector's clients and staff in multiple arenas.

Prior to joining Vector, Patrick spent 15 years in the hospitality industry, managing high-end properties in New York City and Washington, DC. The broad range of operations and administrative responsibilities required in hospitality management made Patrick uniquely positioned for his role with Vector. He holds a BA in Economics from Yale University and enjoys translating data-driven insights into real-world improvements that provide value to clients and internal stakeholders alike. 

Patrick Hanney
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