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PLANEPASS Overflight by Vector Airport Systems is a proven, technology-driven service that maximizes revenues from airspace navigation fees.



Vector Handles It All

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PLANEPASS Overflight™ by Vector Airport Systems is a proven, technology-driven service that helps governments by maximizing their revenue from airspace navigation fees and other aircraft operating fees.

  • Vector’s proven aircraft tracking and identification system captures more than 99% of all aircraft activities and PLANEPASS has a proven collection rate​ ​of 99.6% of fees owed.

  • The PLANEPASS system processes electronic flight track​ ​ data, extracting registration numbers and correlating those numbers with aircraft owners and operators using Vector’s proprietary database, which contains over 100,000 owner/operator contact records.

  • Electronic tracking data consisting of a fusion of as many as 7 ground and space-based flight tracking technologies are utilized to create the most​ ​complete surveillance system possible with built-in redundancy and accuracy.

  • PLANEPASS Overflight is exceptional in that it identifies and bills general aviation aircraft that larger systems that focus on commercial air traffic ignore​ ​as insignificant.

  • PLANEPASS is fully transparent, allowing client users to interact with their billing data in real-time, extract reports, and monitor collections progress.

  • All funds are protected using an escrow account that accepts all payments and is managed by Vector. No monies come directly to Vector.

  • PLANEPASS Overflight has an online payment portal that allows aircraft operators to manage their accounts, view their invoices, print invoices, and​ ​pay electronically.

  • An enterprise-grade hosted infrastructure ensures 99.999% system availability and fast access from anywhere in the world.

  • Vector has more than 17 years of aircraft fee collection experience having billed more than 1.6 million aircraft activities and collected more than $133M in​ ​fees for our clients.

Download the PLANEPASS OVERFLIGHT brochure
The PlanePass Overflight Process Flow
  • Aircraft Operations Acquisition/ Fusion
  • Billing Logic Applied
  • Invoices produced and delivered to aircraft operators
  • Interactive Live Customer Service
  • Payment Processing
  • Active in-house collections
  • Funds transfer to client government
  • Reports provided to client government to ensure full transparency of our process
Download the PLANEPASS OVERFLIGHT brochure
Planepass Aircraft Data Fusion Graphics

Outsourcing Love Field's aircraft fee billing process to Vector allows the airport staff to focus more on our mission of keeping the airport safe and operating smoothly.  Vector's PLANEPASS service more than pays for itself in increased revenue and cost savings at the airport.

Mark Duebner
Director of Aviation
Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL)


Download the PLANEPASS OVERFLIGHT brochure
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