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PLANEPASS® by Vector-01.png

Vector's Complete Aircraft Fee Billing & Collection Service

  • Custom Built by Vector over 17 years

  • Captures 100% of Aircraft Operations

  • Bills All Fee Types: Landing, Airspace Overflight, Customs, Parking

  • Calculates Fees & Bills Aircraft Operators

  • Leverages Vector’s In-house Customer Service & Collections Team

  • 99.6% Collection Success Rate

  • Turnkey, End-to-End Solution Reduces Airport Expenses

  • Highly Transparent, Efficient Financial Process

Learn How PLANEPASS Works

PLANEPASS is Vector's turn-key, automated, full-service, and completely non-contact aircraft fee billing and collection solution. The Vector team installs all the systems and does all the work to automatically deliver landing fee, customs fee, or any other aircraft fee revenue to your airport without any effort required by airport or FBO staff.
PLANEPASS also delivers detailed aircraft and operator data, in digital form, to your airport staff for a complete inventory of your airport's activity. This data has a multitude of uses including environmental studies, planning and operations, grant applications, and improving data for noise management.


Vector Handles It All

Our in-house staff ...
  • Installs our aircraft ID system
  • Monitors all equipment daily
  • Researches aircraft operator information
  • Invoices aircraft fees
  • Handles all invoice inquiries from operators
  • Collects and accounts for fees
  • Processes payments into the bank lockbox
  • Sends electronic reports to you
  • Transfers collections proceeds to your bank account
Download the PLANEPASS brochure
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Airspace Overflight Billing

• Delivers Increased Revenue from Airspace Overflights
• Multiple Aircraft Tracking Technologies Capture/Bill All Aircraft
• Real-time Cloud-based Automation Speeds Up Payments

• In-house Live Customer Service and Active Collections Team
• Complete, Auditable Financial Reporting
• Client Displays for Aircraft Tracking and Operations Management

Download the PLANEPASS OVERFLIGHT brochure

The Vector landing fee collection system is completely automated, saving labor and freeing Airport staff to work on other tasks. Because the system captures operations 24/7, revenues have increased significantly. It is a pleasure working with the Vector staff. They are extremely cooperative and responsive to our requests for information and reports. Vector is more than just an outside contractor, they are part of our Airport team.

Jim Brundige

Airport Manager

East Hampton Airport (HTO)


Download the PLANEPASS brochure
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