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Vector Deploys PlanePass At Texarkana Regional Airport

Updated: May 7, 2021

Texarkana Regional Airport (TXK) contracts with Vector Airport Systems to collect landing fees

Texarkana, Arkansas - September 22, 2020

Vector Airport Systems, the leading supplier of automated aircraft identification, aircraft fee billing, and noise and operations management systems (NOMS), is pleased to announce that the Texarkana Regional Airport (KTXK) deployed Vector’s automated aircraft fee billing system, PlanePass, earlier this year to bill and collect non-commercial aircraft landing fees. Vector’s completely automated system was up and running in a few weeks and can identify aircraft, create invoices, send invoices, and collect fees without any direct contact between the airport staff and aircraft operators.

Airport Director, Paul Mehrlich, was looking for ways to help generate revenue at the Airport and instituted general aviation landing fees. Once the Airport implemented a GA landing fee, Paul contracted Vector to bill and collect those fees on behalf of the airport. Using Vector’s PlanePass automated system, the Airport can remotely monitor aircraft operations, view operations reports, and receive landing fee payments.

“Finding a cost effective way of processing billing and collecting landing fees, especially during this current pandemic when revenue was expected to be down and we were short on staff, was crucial to our operation.” says Paul Mehrlich. “Having come from an airport that used Vector’s system, I had seen firsthand how PlanePass was able to automate the entire billing process; I knew right away it would be a great fit for what Texarkana Regional Airport wanted to accomplish and allowed me, and my staff, to focus on other needs at the airport, while bringing in much needed additional revenue.”

About the Texarkana Regional Airport: Texarkana Regional Airport (KTXK), is owned and operated by the Texarkana Airport Authority and is a public-use airport located in southwest Arkansas, less than five miles from the Texas border. For more information about the Texarkana Regional Airport, please visit them online at


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