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Vector Launches PLANEPASS AAM™

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Vector Launches PLANEPLASS AAM

Every year, billions are spent fueling the next aviation gold rush – Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) – and its promise of revolutionizing aviation. While a majority of the effort is focused on aircraft and vertiport facility development, few have broached the question of how to pay for the maintenance and support of this AAM infrastructure.

PLANEPASS AAM™ by Vector Airport Systems is perfectly positioned to generate new, sustainable revenue streams from eVTOL and other aircraft operations for federal, state and local AAM stakeholders. Leveraging our trusted payor relationships with over 140,000 aircraft operators and our impressive 99.6% collection rate, our PLANEPASS service currently bills and collects tens of millions of dollars in aircraft fee revenue annually on behalf of over 75 airports and vertiports worldwide.

As AAM reshapes the aviation landscape in the coming years, PLANEPASS AAM™ will become the aircraft fee billing and collection standard for hundreds of airports and vertiports in the AAM ecosystem, generating vital revenue streams in support of those facilities and other infrastructure.

Contact the Vector team today to find out exactly how we can generate revenue for you - just as we have for so many airports over our 18-year history.


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