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THE Complete Airport Landing Fee & Billing Service

  • PLANEPASS Delivers More Revenue, Faster!

  • Captures 99%+ of Aircraft IDs 

  • Invoices All Landing, Airspace Overflight, Customs & Parking Fees 

  •  99.6% Collection Success Rate


  • PLANEPASS is a turn-key, end-to-end, highly automated aircraft fee billing and collection service for airports.
  • ​PLANEPASS everages multiple technologies to capture over 99% of aircraft IDs and automatically invoices the owner/operator for landing fees and other aircraft fees. 
  • PLANEPASS has a live in-house customer service and active collections team with a 99.6% collection success rate – we do all the work so you don’t have to! 

Call or Email Us Today 

Call Tom Breen at 781-983-1741 today to learn how PLANEPASS can increase your airport revenue and lower your operating expenses. 

Thanks! Message sent.

Thomas Breen - Vice President 
Direct: 781-983-1741 
Office: 703-817-7777 ext 8 


The Vector landing fee collection system is completely automated, saving labor and freeing Airport staff to work on other tasks. Because the system captures operations 24/7, revenues have increased significantly. It is a pleasure working with the Vector staff. They are extremely cooperative and responsive to our requests for information and reports. Vector is more than just an outside contractor, they are part of our Airport team.

Jim Brundige

Airport Manager

East Hampton Airport (HTO)


Download the PLANEPASS brochure
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