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Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport Sees Increased Revenue Using Vector’s PlanePass

Santa Rosa, California - Vector Airport Systems, the leading supplier of airport automated aircraft identification, aircraft fee billing, and noise and operations management systems (NOMS), is pleased to announce that the Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport (KSTS) has significantly increased landing fee revenue collections after deploying PlanePass, Vector’s full-service aircraft fee billing & collection solution. Vector installed PlanePass in May of 2016 in response to the Airport’s concern that some billable aircraft were being missed by their current landing fee process, particularly at night, when operations staff is limited.

Airport Manager Jon Stout saw the need to streamline their manual billing process. After the installation of Vector’s PlanePass, Sonoma County Airport has gained increased visibility into their aircraft traffic, is realizing more revenue, and can easily audit the entire process – all while eliminating the need for airport staff involvement in the billing process.

In the last 10 months, Vector has enabled us to collect up to twice as much landing fee revenue compared to the same time period last year,” commented Jon Stout, Airport Manager at Sonoma County Airport. “Vector has nearly eliminated the staff hours that used to be required. The identification and operations data provided through the web-based Airport Portal gives us a clear picture of our operations.

It’s great to hear concrete success stories like this,” commented Pete Coleton, President of Vector Airport Systems. “Being able to increase the airport’s revenue while reducing the labor required to bill & collect fees is a great example of the efficiencies PlanePass was designed to bring to airports like KSTS.


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