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Dallas Love Field (DAL) contracts with Vector for PlanePass aircraft landing fee collection service

January 19th, 2022 - After many successful years using Vector Airport Systems’ PlanePass service to bill and collect millions of dollars in landing fee and customs fee revenue at Dallas Love Field (DAL), the Dallas City Council approved a new 5-year contract for Vector on March 25, 2021.

DAL originally contracted with Vector to replace the airport’s manual customs fee collection process, hoping to improve fee collection efficiency in support of the Airport’s GA Customs clearance center. The outsourcing decision proved so successful that, in 2019, the airport decided to expand the program to have Vector manage the new DAL GA landing fee. Vector's highly-accurate aircraft operations reports have also enabled the airport to audit commercial airline self-reported data and cut costs by discontinuing other paid flight tracking data services.

At Love Field, Vector fuses multiple flight tracking data sources with data from Vector’s proprietary aircraft ID camera pods, which capture tail numbers of aircraft operating at DAL 24 hours a day. Leveraging these multiple technologies ensures that all aircraft operations are captured, maximizing billed revenues for the airport. Vector’s PlanePass system ensures that the correct aircraft operator is charged the correct fee, which yields faster payments and a better experience for aircraft operators and their flight departments.

Outsourcing Love Field’s aircraft fee billing process to Vector allows the airport staff to focus more on our core mission of keeping the airport safe and operating smoothly. Vector’s PlanePass service more than pays for itself in increased revenue and cost savings at the airport.”

-Mark Duebner - Director of Aviation, City of Dallas

"Dallas Love Field is a perfect example of how Vector’s PlanePass service can maximize

aircraft fee revenue. Ensuring that all aircraft activities are captured and billed correctly can

overwhelm any manual process regardless of airport size. Vector’s purpose-built software,

aviation focus, and expertise make PlanePass the clear choice for getting landing fee

collections done right.”

-Pete Coleton – President, Vector Airport Systems

About the Dallas Love Field Airport: (DAL), is a city-owned public-use airport located in downtown Dallas, TX. For more information about the Dallas Love Field Airport, please visit them online at

Vector Airport Systems:

Vector was founded in 2005 to provide airports with a better way to manage aircraft fee billing and collections. This solution, PlanePass, was first implemented at Massport’s Hanscom Field and has undergone continuous evolution while also being implemented at 30+ additional airports across the United States. These airports range from busy international commercial airports to local GA airports and heliports. For more information about the PlanePass solution, please visit:


Thomas Breen - VP of Sales

Tel. 781-983-1741


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