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SBD International Airport Reports Success with Vector’s PlanePass

SBD International Airport (SBD) realizes new levels of aircraft fee collection success through Vector’s PlanePass landing fee billing and collection service.

SAN BERNARDINO, Ca. April 14, 2022 -- After years of handling the billing and collection of aircraft landing fees internally, SBD started looking for ways to improve the process, free up staff time, and allow their FBO to focus on customer service and client experience. In early 2021, they chose Vector’s PlanePass service to fully manage their landing fee revenue stream.

“Vector made the entire landing fee billing and collection process simple, reliable, and efficient, freeing up airport staff to focus on other duties at the airport”, said the Airport’s Director of Aviation, Mark Gibbs. “The reports we receive are thorough and detailed, showing all payments received through Vector and ensuring nothing goes missing. We are very pleased with the service and professionalism of the Vector staff and look forward to our continued partnership.”

Vector’s PlanePass service handles every aspect of the landing fee billing process, from aircraft tracking and identification, invoice generation, through customer service and collections, and finally delivering reports and revenue back to the airport. PlanePass eliminates airport staff time spent on the process and delivers an impressive 99.6% collection success rate. In addition to billing GA landing fees at SBD, Vector also bills and collects landing fees for SBD cargo operations.

About SBD International Airport:

The San Bernardino International Airport Authority (SBIAA) is a joint powers authority comprised of the County of San Bernardino and Cities of San Bernardino, Colton, Loma Linda, and Highland. For more information about SBD International Airport, please visit them online:

Vector Airport Systems:

Vector was founded in 2005 to provide airports with a better way to manage aircraft fee billing and collections. This solution, PlanePass, was first implemented at Massport’s Hanscom Field and has undergone continuous evolution while also being implemented at 30+ additional airports across the United States. These airports range from busy international commercial airports to local GA airports and heliports. For more information about the PlanePass solution, please visit


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