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Vector Enhances Truckee Tahoe Airport (TRK) Aircraft ID System

Truckee, California - Vector Airport Systems, supplier of automated aircraft identification, landing fee billing, and noise and environmental monitoring systems, is pleased to announce that the Truckee Tahoe Airport elected to expand their existing 4-camera system aircraft identification system to 11 cameras.  The additional aircraft identification cameras allow the Airport to capture and identify arriving aircraft giving the airport the capability to identify both departures and arrivals.

The eleven-camera aircraft identification network is largest system Vector has installed and provides Truckee Airport with the ability to positively identify up to 99% of all aircraft operating at the airport.  The aircraft identification data is combined in Vector’s VNOMS software with flight track data from Truckee’s state-of-the-art multilateration surveillance system, giving the Airport an unprecedented vision into the who, what, and where of aircraft operations at the Truckee Airport.

"The Truckee Airport Board of Directors was impressed by the data available through the Vector system for departing aircraft and made the decision to acquire more cameras in order to achieve the same level of identification for arrivals." said Hardy Bullock, Director of Aviation and Community Services at Truckee Airport.

“We felt like we were missing operations captures because of the limited original scope of the system.  The fleet at Truckee consists mostly of small piston aircraft that are difficult to identify any other way.  We were capturing departures but now we are able to identify both arrivals and departures." said Mike Cooke, Aviation & Community Services Manager at Truckee Airport. “The additional seven cameras closed the gaps and enhanced our ability to monitor compliance with the existing voluntary curfew.”

"I can safely say that Truckee Tahoe Airport now has the most accurate and complete aircraft operations data of any general aviation airport in the U.S., possibly the world”  commented Pete Coleton, President of Vector Airport Systems. "Our project at TRK is a great example of how Vector works closely with our clients to constantly improve our  technology to help the Airport gain new capabilities and better serve its community.”


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